Recovery of birth certificate

Birth certificate is the first document in the life of every person. Very often arise unforeseen situations in which, most likely, your important documents may suffer. They can be stolen, lost or damaged.

Also, the required document may be laminated or be of an old form (which was issued in the USSR), so it is important to know where and how to recover birth certificate and other papers if you urgently need to provide the original or the document of a new form.

How much costs to recover birth certificate

Opportune application for the service on document discovery is the main condition for obtaining a duplicate within the shortest terms. In general, the recovery terms with our help constitute from 2 working days. Below you can find out our price for this service:

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Recovery of birth certificate (Kiev)

10 w.d.

950 UAH

Recovery of birth certificate (regional)

10 w.d.

950 UAH

Discovery of extract from civilian registry office (Kiev)

10 w.d.

950 UAH

Discovery of extract from civilian registry office (regional)

10 w.d.

950 UAH

*the day of order is not taken into account.
**The price is not a public offer.

Also we can discover for you extract from civilian registry office from 2 working days.

What documents are necessary to recover birth certificate

In order to obtain duplicate (it is connected with application in the civilian registry office, which issued the document) the following documents are necessary to recover birth certificate:

to recover birth certificate Ukraine

Example of a birth certificate duplicate

  • copy of lost certificate, if there is no copy, you can provide the following data: surname, name, patronymic, place and date of birth;
  • your passport of citizen of Ukraine.

While applying to us for the service on discovery of this document you shall provide:

  • copy of old BC or its exact data;
  • power of attorney for the employees of our company issued by a notary.

AiTochka knows how to receive duplicate of birth certificate

Applying to "Apostille and Tochka" you will shorten the term of the recovery procedure, and also you will not have to stand in endless queues, deal with bureaucracy and spend your nerves on the unfriendly staff of state institutions.

Your presence is not necessary, you just need to make the notarial power of attorney for our employees, it is especially convenient for clients who live outside of Kiev.

Thus, you can no longer think about how to recover marriage or birth certificate, just fill out the form below and we will contact you within the shortest terms. Also, you can get acquainted with our vacancies if you are interested to work with us.

To recover birth certificate