Recovery of marriage certificate

Marriage Certificate is one of the most important and the very first of the documents of a married couple. If it happened that you need to provide the original, and this document was lost, has flaws, was laminated, issued in the USSR, there may be problems. In this case, you need to know all about how to recover the marriage certificate and what subtleties there are in this procedure.

This paper may be needed in some cases when hiring, moving abroad, in order for it to have power abroad, it must be apostilled or legalized. Below you can get acquainted with the terms and cost of demanding this document.

How much costs to recover marriage certificate

A duplicate of marriage certificate can be discovered in any region of Ukraine from 2 working days. Below you can be acquainted with the prices and the terms of certificate discovery:

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Type of service



Obtainment of repeated marriage certificate (Kiev)

635 UAH

from 2 working days

Obtainment of repeated marriage certificate (regional)

675 UAH

up to 10 working days

Discovery of extract from civilian registry office (Kiev)

635 UAH

from 2 working days

Discovery of extract from civilian registry office (regional)

675 UAH

up to 10 working days

*the day it was made ordering the service is not taken into account.
**The price is not a public offer.

What do you need for recovery of marriage certificate

The specialists of our company know how to recover marriage certificate without unnecessary documents, costs and time. In order to use our service you need:

how to recover marriage certificate Ukraine

Marriage certificate (example)

  • to issue the Power of attorney at a notary for our employees (we can send to your e-mail the example of the power of attorney);
  • the copy of old document, is it is absent, then notify the full data – surname, name, patronymic of the spouses, date and place of marriage registration.

Also, you can independently apply to the civilian registry office, which registered your union. If you moved to another city, then you will have to use the services of a local civilian registry office, but the period of the discovery procedure will last from the 1 month.

Before to visit a civilian registry office be sure that you have taken with yourselves:

  • the copy of original (if any) or the full information indicated in the document – surname, name, patronymic, date and place of ceremony.
  • passport data of your spouse, because they will be required upon filling out the discovery form;
  • ITN (is necessary in the case of services payment under the receipt).

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"Apostille & Tochka" treats with understanding all customers, so your presence is not necessary condition for the service rendering. All the necessary documents and information you can send to one of our managers by mail. You will receive your document quickly and by the convenient for you delivery method. On our price page you can find out all the prices for demanding various documents.

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To recover marriage certificate