Legalization of police clearance certificates

This certificate is one of the most important documents, which can be obtained by any citizen of Ukraine, who applied in the authority of MIA. This certificate confirms the fact of conviction absence at physical and legal person. Often, after obtainment, the legalization of police clearance certificate is required (by way of apostillization or legalization through consulate) to give to the document proper appearance, which is suitable for use abroad.

Price for legalization of police clearance certificate

The cost of the official legalization of certificate directly depends on its urgency. From the table below choose the offered terms and tell them to the manager while ordering:

Stages of legalization of police clearance certificate


Term of execution

Stamp affixing in MFA of Ukraine

850 UAH

5 working days

700 UAH

8-10 working days

Translation into foreign language

Depending on the language of translation

From 1 working day

Notarization of translation

225 UAH

1 working day

Legalization stamps on translation in MFA + MinJust

1150 UAH

3 working days

1000 UAH

8 working days

*The price is not a public offer

In the table are indicated only the costs of legalization of police clearance certificate without submission to embassy. You can clarify at the manager the cost of legalization in the Embassy and its consular fee.

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When the legalization of certificate may be required

The need in certificate registration and its legalization may be completely different, from case to case. Below are the most widespread:

  • For banks and other credit organizations;
  • Upon citizenship registration;
  • Upon renewal and issuance of residence permit;
  • Upon issuance of a number of different documents;
  • For the process of adoption/affiliation;
  • For participation in different tenders;
  • In other cases.

Legalization of police clearance certificate: peculiarities of procedure

Without the official procedure on legalization the document about conviction often cannot be presented abroad. Legalization stamp is affixed on the original of this document. In another case the legalization of the certificate copy may be required, upon which it is necessary to pass the following list of stages:

  • Legalization of police clearance certificate (original);
  • Translation with notarization of legalized document;
  • Legalization of document copy.

Why to do the legalization of certificate?

The legalization of police clearance certificate allows doing so that obtained by you document had official force not only in Ukraine, but abroad. The legalization of any document includes the obligatory procedure of confirmation of authenticity of submitted documents issued to physical or legal person within the limits of native country.

In the case if you have no possibility to independently legalize this document – write the inquiry to our managers and we will help you to collect and prepare documents correctly.