Legalization of diploma

Upon moving to another country any immigrant faces with the need to legalize all his/her documents and the procedure of legalization of diploma, as a rule, is included in this process.

Especially it is necessary while:

  • Searching employment;
  • Continuing study.

To certify a certificate of education, you can go by two ways: to get apostille or consular legalization of documents in any point of Ukraine. The first option is preferable, since from a practical standpoint, it is much easier.

Apostille is recognized only by the states, which have signed the Hague Convention. If the country where you are going to move does not support this convention, the only way for you is to visit the consulate. Legalization of diploma on completion of university implies longer procedure.

Prices and terms of legalization of diploma in Ukraine

The cost of each stage of consular legalization of certificate about higher education is given in the table below.





Execution of legalization of educational documents in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - 1 w.d



Execution of consular legalization in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - 5/8-10 w.d.



Execution of legalization in the consulate of the relevant country - from 2 days + the term of consulate

320 + consular fee

*The price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Depending on the state, for which a diploma is legalized (the term of execution may constitutes from one day and more. For example, the legalization for the UAE may take from 3 working days.

The legalization of documents is performed only upon the presence of original of the power of attorney from the document owner.

How passes the process of legalization of diploma

The process of legalization of diplomas through consulate includes four stages:

Legalize Diploma!

Send the scan copy of your document and get answer on the terms and the prices of diploma legalization.

Send documents

  1. Certification of diploma copy and its translation at a notary;
  2. Certification of a notary’s signature in Minjust;
  3. Certification of the seal of Ministry of Justice and the officer’s signature in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  4. Certification of document in consulate.

According to this same principle is carried out the legalization of supplement to diploma. Supplement and diploma itself are legalized as two different documents. Please keep this in mind.

We are engaged in the legalization not only of diplomas, but also powers of attorney and the legalization of translations. For further questions please contact our managers.

How legalized in Ukraine diploma about higher education looks like

Also below are showed two examples of legalization of diploma: the old option of legalization for the state of Oman and the modern option of legalization of diploma for the UAE: