Legalization of power of attorney

Legalization of power of attorney means giving to a document the legality in the territory of a foreign country. The process of legalization of power of attorney in Ukraine is carried out in two options: with the participation of consulate or by affixing "Apostille" stamp.

The power of attorney in writing confirms the right of the paper bearer to officially represent the principal’s interests before third party. Legalization of any power of attorney is required when it is necessary to confirm a guarantee abroad, which is often associated with:

  • Transactions with real estate;
  • Commercial transactions;
  • Legal proceedings.

Thus, properly legalized power of attorney gives you the guarantee that this document will be surely accepted abroad.

Prices and terms of legalization of power of attorney

The short table of cost of legalization of power of attorney is given below, the detailed information about the terms and the prices of legalization is presented on this page.


Price in UAH


Legalization in MinJust + MFA


9-11/6 w.d.

Submission in consulate

320 + consular fee of chosen consulate

Depends on the consulate

*The price is not a public offer

The procedure is as follows: on the original are affixed the seals of Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate. If the double legalization is required, at the beginning on the original are affixed the seals of MinJust and MFA, then the translation notarization is performed, after this the document is transferred in MJ, MFA and the consulate.

Professional legalization of power of attorney in Kiev

The Bureau “Apostille & Tochka” offers the legalization for different countries of the world, among which:

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  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • The UAE (Dubai);
  • China.

Experience and high qualification of the lawyers of our office allow managing with the task quickly and efficiently. Term and cost of execution of the order mainly depends on the conditions of cooperation with a particular consulate.

To comprehensively prepare your documents, you can order at us the legalization of diploma, police clearance certificate or translation of your documents.

It is possible to order the service staying not only in Kiev, but in other settlements of Ukraine, The simplest way to make the order – is to navigate on the page of online order and to send the form.