Reissuance of documents

Discovery of documents – is a process of obtaining original or duplicate of official paper from the authority, which initially issued it.

As a rule, the procedure of documents discovery is carried out:

  • For laminated originals;
  • For documents of Soviet form in the case of their non acknowledgment upon submission in a consulate in Ukraine;
  • For apostille affixing in the case of already available consular legalization;
  • Upon loss or damage of original.

Price of certificates recovery in the company

The terms of recovery of marriage certificate or birth certificate a little depend on the region, in which it was issued. For Kiev and region the obtainment is usually faster than in other cities of Ukraine. The prices for discovery of documents are given in the table below:

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Term of obtainment

Obtaining duplicate:

  • Marriage certificate;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Other documents from civilian registry offices


650 UAH

from 2 working days


725 UAH

up to 10 working days

*The price is not a public offer


Also we can help with documents discovery in Russia and other CIS countries. The prices and the terms of such services are clarified upon request.

Where you need to obtain documents duplicate in Ukraine

Unfortunately there is no common authority, in which you can apply with discovery. Each document is issued in its organization. Thus, you can obtain duplicate of birth certificate in civilian registry office. There you can also obtain duplicate of death certificate or marriage certificate. And duplicate of educational certificate is issued by the institution, which initially issued it – school, college, lyceum. We will help you to discover documents in:

  • Civilian registry offices;
  • Courts;
  • Archives.

For documents discovery in any agency through us it is necessary to issue the power of attorney from the document holder. We send the example of such a document upon request on the client’s email.

Example of marriage and birth certificate of a new form

We have prepared for you the examples of duplicates of birth and marriage certificates. Below you can see how these documents look like:

Birth certificate of a new form Ukraine

Marriage certificate Ukraine example

How passed the process of duplicates obtainment

For making the application for recovery of birth or marriage certificate it is necessary to apply by telephone or email and to indicate:

  • Name of document or transfer its copy, if available;
  • Submit the data of a person, on whose name the document was issued;
  • Notify by whom and when the paper was issued;
  • Issue at a notary the power of attorney on the employees of the translation agency “Apostille & tochka”.

After obtaining all data about your document we can check the availability of data in Ukrainian archives in order to understand if they could issue duplicate. This service is free of charge.

The more complete information you give us, the faster a duplicate will be made. In addition, in our office you will find the sample of application for discovery of documents.

Usually, our clients also need to affix apostille on new duplicates, to translate these documents and to notarize. We will do for you all these operations for a moderate cost within admissible terms.

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