Where to affix apostille?

Before going to another country the question arises out where to affix apostille on documents, whether apostille on birth certificate, diploma or employment record card.

We should note that apostille is a special stamp, which is affixed by different agencies of Ukraine, confirming the position and the signature of the person, who signed document.

Where, at what price and for which term apostille is affixed

In the tables below you will find state agencies, to which by the order of the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine of January 18, 2003 were given the powers on apostille affixing:




Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

8-10 working days

505 UAH

5 working days

770 UAH

Civilian Registry Office and MinJust of Ukraine

7-10 working days

555 UAH

** as of today apostille affixing in MinJust takes about 7 working days
***the price is not a public offer.
****Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

In this table are given all prices from Ministry of Education of Ukraine, we note that the price varies depending on a type of diploma or certificate:

Type of educational document





30 working days

810 UAH

10 working days

1085 UAH

3 working days

1485 UAH

1 working days*

2185 UAH *


Old form (book), certificate

30 working days

810 UAH

20 working days

1265 UAH

1 working days*

2185 UAH *

*Price and term are indicated for affixing urgent apostille, which is possible in the case if you agree with educational institution that they give the response in 1 day at the ministry inquiry
**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

What else you should know about apostille?

Apostille affixing is carried out on documents for the countries, which in 1961 signed the Hague Convention, if a country didn’t sign this Convention, then you shall make consular legalization, We note that for some countries apostille also shall be translated, otherwise such documents won’t be accepted for examination.

Further on translation apostille is also affixed, it is recommended to apostille at once document and its translation. If you still have any questions – see us in contacts, dial one of phones and get gratuitous advice!

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