Apostille Certificate of No Criminal Records

In the case of request by foreign organization of any document issued in Ukraine, its legalization is obligatory. The countries, which have signed the Hague Convention, accepted a simplified procedure of certification of official papers, called apostillization.

Apostille on police clearance certificate is issued in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the certificate itself is also issued by MIA of Ukraine. At the moment of issuance this certificate confirms the absence of convictions at the person requiring this certificate.

Prices for apostille of police clearance certificate in Ukraine

Below is given the table, which shows all prices for this service and the terms of its execution.




Apostille on police clearance certificate

650 UAH

8-10 w.d.

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Apostille on police clearance certificate!

Send us police clearance certificate for apostillization. We will contact you immediately!

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Also we apostille documents of other agencies:

What is necessary for issuance of police clearance certificate

If you want to make the order for obtainment of apostilled police clearance certificate it is sufficient only to send documents using this form, by indicating for what country apostillization is required attaching the copy of your passport and Identification Code.

Upon availability of the certificate – fill out the form, write your phone number and send us the certificate to the address or bring it in our office.

Apostille of police clearance certificate in Ukraine

Apostilled police clearance certificate

Apostillization of police clearance certificate

Example of apostille from MIA on police clearance certificate