Notarial certification of translations in Russia

Both now and always, many of our compatriots have been striving for moving to Russia. This is determined by proximity of the cultures, absence of language barrier and simplicity of adapting documents to the laws of this country.

Legalizing documents for the Russian Federation

Thus, for proceeding with education or employment you will not need to legalize your diploma. It will be enough to provide its notarized translation.

Certified translation of a document is a translation executed by a qualified specialist and then notarized. Such document is also called a notarial Apostille.

Such procedure is acceptable between the countries having concluded a bipartite agreement for mutual recognition of documents. Among others, these include Ukraine and Russia. Therefore documents issued in Ukraine are valid in Russia without legalization. It is enough to obtain a notarial Apostille.

Requirements to a certified translation

Before taking your papers to a translator and lawyer, you should make sure that these are free from errors and are duly executed. Otherwise the originals will not be accepted at destination, and you will just waste your time and money.

The main requirements are as follows:

  • absence of errors, corrections, subscriptions and erasures;
  • mandatory binding, seal and numeration of pages for documents consisting of more than one sheet;
  • statutory notary verification of signatures of natural persons acting on the basis of power of attorney.

Procedure of a certified translation of documents pertinent to submission to the Russian Federation

According to the effective law of the Russian Federation, in order a translation could have legal effect on its territory it should be legalized by the Russian Federation entity. In other words, a certified translation must be performed exclusively in Russia.

The procedure itself is equivalent to the Ukrainian one. First, a translator performs a translation of a document. After that it is certified with his stamp and signature, and is bound with the original or a copy thereof. At final stage, all the papers are signed and affixed with the seal of a lawyer.

The procedure is not complicated, except for the fact that it requires a trip to Russia. You may not always have enough time and money for that.

The staff of translation agency “Apostil i Tochka” will quickly and reliably arrange for a certified translation of document for you.

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