Certificate about marital status: simple and quick procedure of preparation

When collecting a package of documents for traveling abroad for various reasons, you may need a document that will confirm one of the possible options for your marital status. That is why notaries in any city will quickly help to issue a special application that will testify that the person:

  • has been never married;
  • was previously married but at the moment of the certificate is officially divorced;
  • is widow/widower.

Such certificate of absence of marriage is issued by any notary. The procedure is simple and will take no more than an hour, if you prepare a package of necessary documents in advance, which will include:

  • your valid passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • certificate of taxpayer (ITN);
  • divorce certificate if you were previously married.

This is the simplest and most reliable option, so you can no longer look for where to get a certificate of marital status and simply contact any notary, for example, at the place of residence.

certificate of marital status ukraine

Example of application about marriage absence

What do you need to do after obtaining the certificate, if you plan to go abroad?

In order for a certificate of marital status obtained in Ukraine to be recognized abroad, it is often necessary:

  1. To translate;
  2. To legalize.

There are two options for legalizing an official document: apostille affixing (a special stamp of an expressly approved sample) or consular legalization. The choice of one of the options depends on which country the trip is planned to and where the certificate of not being in marriage will be presented. The procedure of apostillization is much simpler than the consular legalization. You can check whether the state you are planning to travel to is a signatory of the Hague Convention, since it is this international document that provides for an agreement between many states on simplifying the legalization of documents issued in accordance with the official procedure by the authorized bodies.

What is the term of validity of application about not being in marriage?

In practice, it turned out that the similar certificate received in Ukraine can be valid from 30 up to 90 days. For more detailed information, we recommend that you specify, if possible, where it is planned to be submitted. Since the validity of the certificate of marital status can vary considerably, it is necessary to calculate the terms of your stay abroad and to provide for the possibility of receiving this document again.

You do not want to spend your working and personal time for the solution of the question «where to get a certificate of marital status and how to prepare it for departure?». You can feel free to contact us, as we have been providing the services on preparation of various kinds of documentation for many years so that our clients can easily prepare for the trip. That is why a certificate of marital status will be translated and legalized properly in just one day.

Legalize a certificate for abroad