Mail services for sending documents

Considering the possibilities provided by modern means of electronic communication, the need for the use of document transfer by post has appreciably decreased. However, this service is very relevant today. As before, when conducting major transactions, documentation of legal significance should be sent in paper form. As a rule, the originals of documents suitable for confirmation of data in other state are subject to transfer. Delay in delivery of such securities can cause appreciable damage to both business and individuals. In this regard, the reliability and integrity of transfer sometimes plays a crucial role.

Ukrainian delivery services

Ukrainian delivery services offer a number of leading services that have become popular due to the high quality of services offered.
The most popular of them are the following:

  • Nova poshta;
  • Meest Express;
  • Delivery.

Nova poshta deals with delivery from neighboring countries, for example, from Georgia and Moldova. Meest Express transports parcels and mail from European countries, such as Hungary, Poland and China. Delivery delivers mail from Korea, Thailand, India and China.
All above-mentioned services have gained great experience and have earned a good reputation as the result of their activities.
Unfortunately, there are delivery services that operate worth then other reliable services. For example, Ukrainian delivery service Ukrposhta has gained a bad reputation. There were a lot of cases when there was a critical delay in delivery of important documentation to other countries, letters were sometimes returned with notification of the wrong address. Even the official confirmation of implementation of delivery on the form of this service doesn't guarantee the fact of delivery.

European delivery services

European postal services offer the services of the higher level.
The most reliable and popular delivery services:

  • DHL Express;
  • TNT;
  • Pony Express.

DHL Express, based in the USA, has been working with Ukraine for about 30 years, and it is distinguished from other services by exemplary pedantry in the process of mail delivery.
TNT is an express service founded in Australia, the company can offer customers a wide spectrum of services ranging from urgent delivery to an economic option. Such a gradation of terms allows the consumer to choose the optimal quality-price ratio, which is important for international transportation of documents.
Pony Express is also an American company, it is totally suitable for sending mail to the CIS countries. Among foreign services, this company offers the most reasonable prices for courier services, while providing high efficiency.
In order to have guarantees of absolute safety and guaranteed terms of delivery of valuable documentation, it's important to use proven postal logistics companies.
In order to have supreme confidence in the safe and prompt delivery of important documents, you should always use proven postal services that have a reliable reputation and good reviews of customers.
We can provide assistance in selecting the most appropriate service for sending documents to your country.