Legalization of documents in China

China is a popular country for migration, especially among the residents of Ukraine. Legal migration takes place through the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, since China has not signed The Hague Agreement.

It is difficult to get visa in summer, because the consulate is taking long queues for consular legalization. Now we will share the secrets of how fast you can submit the documents to the Embassy.

It will be especially useful for people, who decided to legalize documents by themselves.

Submitting the documents

There are several ways to do this. Either you submit the documents on your own or you ask for professionals to do it. The company will do everything for you. Therefore, we will focus on how to submit the documents on your own. Let us consider the key points step by step.

Step 1: Decide how urgent it should be

You should realise that preparing for migration takes a lot of time. That means that it couldn't be done in one day. Therefore, you shouldn't hold up the document preparation. Do everything in advance. If you have postponed the document preparation, it is better to ask professionals to help you.

Step 2: Remember the time of the year

If you were planning to get a visa at the beginning of the summer, you will have to wait in long queues. Because the greatest influx of those people wishing to apply the documents are usually in summer. The most favorable time of year for document appliance is winter. Especially the period after the New Year holidays. There are minimal queues.

Step 3: Calculate all your expenses

The Chinese Embassy is located in Kyiv. So if you are not a resident of the capital - get ready for additional expenses like travel, accommodation, food, taxes and etc. Estimate your time. You may not get to the reception on the arrival day, so you will need to look for an accommodation. The Embassy employee won't accept you overtime. Remember about this. And be ready for additional expenses. If you turn to the services of the company, it will cost you UAH 200.

In the Chinese Embassy

The main aspects were sorted out. Now we will proceed to specific facts and cases.

The queue to the Embassy forms in the early morning. You can come at 06:00 a.m. in summer and it will turn out that you're far from first in the queue. There might be more than 10 persons at the Embassy by this time. And when you consider that the Embassy doesn't take in more than 20 persons per day, you might not get to the reception. Reception time at the Embassy starts from 09:00 a.m. That means that even If you will arrive to the Embassy three hours before the reception time, you can't be guaranteed that you will get into the office. So it is better to come early If you want to make it. Also you should remember that there is a bigger queue for the visa. So once again! Remember about the time.


We hope that the information will be useful for you; and you will choose the best option for yourself. We do not impose our services. We want you to have no difficulties in making migration or fees for travel. Summing everything up, we want to say that the question "to make document authorization for China on your own or turn to lawyers?" you should answer by yourself. But if you want to keep your nerves and strength and you don't want to spend your time and money on the paperwork, then turn it to translation bureau and experts will do everything for you. The money spent will pay off: you don't need to take a day off from work, to change your plans for a trip to Kyiv only to make documents for a trip to China.

 If you choose to legalize documents on your own, be ready for expenses, long queues and long waiting.