How to get the stamp of Regional Department of Justice

Moving abroad for study, work or family reunion is always associated with a range of formalities. One of these is legalization, which may be performed in two ways: through consular legalization or endorsing an Apostille. The first one is more unified and stipulates the same proceeding of all documents. Another one, depending on the type of document, may be referred to different establishments. Let us examine both options in detail.

1. Consular legalization

This is a complicated and dreary process required in the countries where Apostille is not recognized. One of its stages is obtaining the stamp of Regional Department of Justice.

The petition processing term usually comprises one day. However, in some cases this period may be extended to three or even 5 days in view of the Ministry operational necessity.

2. Apostille in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Fortunately, the majority of states do recognize the apostilled documents. Affixing the stamp is far easier and faster than undergoing the whole procedure of consular legalization.

As mentioned above, each type of documents is apostilled by a specific authority. You may legalize the following documents at Ministry of Justice:

  • court documents;
  • documents drawn up by a notary.

Here refer court resolutions, orders, powers of attorney etc.

The terms of processing each case are equivalent to the previous option, but the cost is different. The state duty for affixing Apostille in the Ministry of Justice will make UAH 51.

Documents and other specific features

In order to get the papers certified in Regional Department of Justice no special documents to be collected are required. It is enough to bring the originals and have your passport with you. To be on the safe side, you can prepare a few copies, but the Department officials usually take copies at site. You will be also offered to complete an application.

You should note that Apostille, as well as the stamp of the Regional Department of Justice are affixed only on the originals. Thereby, laminated paper is treated as a spoiled one, and is ineligible for legalization. In such case you will need to obtain a duplicate, which can be obtained through discovery of documents.

Pros and cons of unaided application for obtaining stamp of the Ministry of Justice

We have been quite explicit in the above description of the legalization procedure at the Ministry of Justice or its regional departments. The whole process may be accomplished independently or entrusted to professionals.

The unaided application has its pros and cons.


  • it is cheaper.

Arguably, that’s all. Certainly, the specialists will ask not only for settlement of the mandatory state duty, but also of their services – but it is worth that.


  • queues;
  • necessity to travel to another location for residents of another towns;
  • non-guaranteed result.

On your way to the Ministry of Justice, please bear in mind that there may be a plenty of people like you. Notwithstanding recent numerous positive organizational changes, the queues are still not completely eliminated. In busy periods the waiting time may take up to a few hours.

You should also note that Regional Departments of the Ministry of Justice are situated only in regional centres, and the Ministry itself – in the capital. In view of the above, the majority of people in Ukraine need to go to another city and incur additional expenses to obtain the desired stamp. In this context, the single advantage of unaided application loses its relevance.

Moreover, the specialists possess huge experience and will check the correctness of compiling the whole set.

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