Discovery of Documents

Depending on the type of requested document (duplicate or original), reasons of inquiry and agency, authorized to issue the document, the procedure of recovery of lost documentation or obtainment of documents duplicates differs very much. Therefore, as a rule, people, who faced the necessity of documents discovery, have many questions.

What includes the procedure of documents discovery?

Authorized state authorities issue the necessary document or its duplicate (death cerificates, birth or marriage certificates) based on the records in the registers of civil status acts or databases. You can acquaint below with our prices for discovery:

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Birth certificates

1010 UAH

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Marriage certificates

Other documents from civilian registry offices

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H2 In what cases you need to discover documents?

There are many reasons, by the virtue of which may arise the necessity in documents obtainment in official agencies:

  • Loss or destruction of original documents (statements, diplomas, certificates etc.): in such cases the necessary document is issued repeatedly;
  • Documents issued in USSR;
  • Upon presence of laminated original;
  • Upon apostille affixing upon consular legalization.

H2 In what agency you can obtain duplicate of certificate?

Depending on the type of requested document it may be discovered in such structures as:

  • Courts;
  • Archives;
  • Civilian registry offices.

H2What do you need to submit for the recovery of lost document?

To obtain duplicate you need to contact us by any convenient for you way and to present the following information:

  1. Name of document, which it is necessary to discover, upon a copy presence to transfer it to us;
  2. Data of the citizen, to whom the paper was issued;
  3. By what state authority and when it was issued;
  4. To issue the notarized power of attorney on our employees.

You can indicate all these data to our employee, who will consult you on all necessary issues, you can contact us by telephone 0-800-502-761.

We offer you to acquaint with the examples of certificates duplicates:

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