How to make an affidavit in Ukraine?

If you have never heard about the concept of "affidavit", it is necessary to explain what it is. An affidavit is a special document by means of which papers are subject to certification if they cannot be legalized in a particular Ministry.
This document sets out certain facts under oath, such as those relating to marital status or the presence of children. The information is entered in a notarial form, a special sample established by law. For confirmation of the stated facts original documents or their copies are usually attached. The affidavit includes:

  • Information about the signatory in order to precisely identify him, his name, surname, actual address, registration address.
  • Direct facts requiring confirmation, drawn up by a notary.
  • Date of completion and signature.

After drawing up the text of the document, the necessary papers should be attached to it, if available, the legalization of which is required. The affidavit can be used outside the home country for presentation to representatives of foreign authorities.

How does the legalization process is carried out?

A necessary condition for legalization is the attachment to the notary form of the necessary documents or their copies. Thus, the following documents are legalized:


  1. Passport or other identification document.
  2. Various medical certificates concerning the vaccinations, the sick leave certificates, apart form 082/O form.
  3. Corporate documents - powers of attorney, protocols, contracts.
  4. Certificates translated into foreign languages.
  5. Other documents without signatures and seals.

If you want to legalize the passport, the document must be accompanied by a copy of each page, certified by a notary. Medical certificates also require originals or notarized copies.
Registration of the affidavit for the company requires preliminary preparation of documentation. An employee who has the authority to sign such documents on behalf of the company or a person acting under a power of attorney should come to a notary with an identity document (passport), with the TIN, as well as with the statutory documents of the organization. The text of the paper is drawn up in accordance with the information provided by the applicant, pre-prepared documents that serve as confirmation are attached to the affidavit.
If the documents are lost by a citizen of another state in Ukraine, they can be easily restored with the help of an affidavit, but if the citizen of Ukraine loses his documents in another country, the procedure will be different.
In case, if it is necessary to certify the documents that are not engaged in any of the ministries, you should have:

  • Passport.
  • Documents attached to the affidavit.
  • In some cases, you may need an identification code.

It is necessary to take into account the probability that due to the wrong affidavit the document will not be recognized in another country. In this case, we can provide the necessary assistance.

Why should you apply to our company for legalization of affidavit?

We can guarantee that the affidavit will be executed in compliance with all rules and laws, without any errors thanks to long-term experience of the notary cooperating with us. In addition, the service of legalization of the document without the direct presence of the applicant is provided.