Apostille Abroad

Apostille is a necessary formality to make documents issued in various countries of the world legal and effective in the territory of Ukraine. The apostille is a square stamp with standardized fields which is affixed either to the original document, or filed on a separate sheet.

To obtain the apostille, there is one strict rule. It is executed only in the country where the document was issued. Thus, if you obtained your diploma, let’s say, in Belarus, you can apostilize it only there.

Unfortunately, it is hard to foresee everything when you move. Sometimes it happens so that after arriving to Ukraine you will need another certified original. It is not always convenient to go back to your home country to get one – time, work, excessive costs. In this case, it is more expedient to call a specialized company.

Our agency is able to perform legalization and apostilize your documents , which were received in many countries, which list you can check by manager:

We shall pass all the necessary procedures for you, safely and strictly within the established terms, to open you the way to a comfortable life in our country.

Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Please note that, according to the Hague Convention which was the one to legalize the apostilization process, this stamp is acknowledged only by its member states. If the country which issued the document has not acceded to the agreement, therefore, it does not issue apostilles. Then you need to address to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry does not execute apostilles, but performs legalization for other countries.

This procedure is much more complex and requires more time, but we will come to your assistance even here. Feel free to contact us by any means available to you, and we will help you find your way among all the legal details and select the optimal service suitable for you. We will resolve all the issues related to bureaucratic mechanisms to simplify your adaptation in the new country as much as 

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